The church building exists for the people of the Stetson Memorial United Methodist Church to glorify God.

Additionally, the church building provides an ideal space for the people of Patten   and surrounding communities to hold     community events, family functions, and celebrate life transitions.  Anyone in the community can seek to use this space.

Church Usage Fees:

 Worship Space -$150.00 Full Day

Classroom, Parlor, or downstairs UMW room - 4 hours $25.00/Full Day $50.00

Downstairs Fellowship Hall - 4 hours $50.00/Full day $100.00

Whole Building-Full Day $200.00

¨ Benefit Supper and Fundraiser usage of the church will be charged a $50 fee.


Full refunds are available if cancelled a full week prior to the event.

Times Available:

  • The church building is available for rental from 9 AM to 9PM on Mondays through Saturdays and from 1 PM to 9 PM on Sundays.
  • Overnight events can be scheduled on an individual basis.
  • The building will be unlocked prior to any event and will be inspected and locked by a church member following the event.


  • Free WIFI available in the building
  • Heating, electricity, and water
  • Telephone: local calls for emergencies only
  • Kitchen: coffee maker and refrigerator only
  • The digital media center may only be used by trained church members


  • There will be no gambling on church property, including: Raffles, 50-50 tickets and Bingo.
  • There will be no alcohol or illegal drugs on church property.
  • There will be no use of tobacco within the building.
  • There will be no partisan political rallies and organizing in the church building.
  • The church office, its supplies and equip-ment are not available to renters.


  • Church events take precedence
  • First come, first serve
  • Church offers its building as a gift to the community in order to spread God’s glory. The church maintains the right to refuse the use of its building if a rental appears to violate this objective.
  • All reservations are made through Doris DeRespino (528-2629).
  • Confirmation of any reservation could take up to 5 business days.
  • First-time users must conduct a building walk-through with either Doris or the pastor, make a deposit, and sign an  agreement one week before the event


  • All furniture must be returned to the place it was found.
  • No wall hangings, posters, or signs may be removed.
  • All paper products, sugar, cream, coffee, etc. must be provided by renter.
  • Renters will clean up upon completion:
  • Floor swept
  • Food removed from refrigerator
  • Coffee maker cleaned and unplugged
  • Tables and chairs cleaned and returned
  • Trash bagged and left in trash cans
  • All lights turned off
  • Thermostats turned down to 58°
  • Any damage incurred to church property will be repaired at the renters expense.
  • No building keys will be provided.
  • The church may have a presence at any event and may allow the building to be shared (i.e. upstairs groups and down-stairs group).

A Safe Place for Children:

All groups and ministries that use the building on a recurring basis must:

  • Adhere to all aspects of the church’s Safe Sanctuaries Policy
  • Have biennial criminal background checks for those working with children
  • Conduct annual training of policies and procedures when working with children, to include an understanding of each person’s responsibility to act on allegations and suspicions of abuse.

All groups and ministries that use the building for a single event must follow the church guidelines for proper adult supervision

  • Children must have two adults with them (at no time can a single child be alone with a lone adult who is not their parent or legal guardian)


In Case of Emergency:

Call 911, then the pastor (528-2624) for the following emergencies:

  • Medical emergency
  • Legal emergency
  • Building fire emergency

Call the pastor (528-2624) for the following emergencies:

  • Gaining access into the locked   building
  • Building troubles (pipes break, etc.)

Tables and Chairs:

  • Members of the community may borrow tables and folding chairs from the church for a single deposit of $100. The deposit will offset replacement or repair costs.  The deposit will be returned in full if all tables and chairs have been returned in good condition.
  • Church members and established neighboring churches may borrow tables and folding chairs without a deposit, but they are responsible for replacement costs.


For Church Members Only:

  • There is no use fee for members of Stetson Memorial United Methodist Church for wedding, funerals and family celebrations. May be subject to other fees, please check at time of reservation.
  • Each church member may schedule a half days use of the building for free each year.   Couples can reserve the building for a full day.  These reservations will be honored so long as there are no pre-scheduled church events.
  • May borrow tables and chairs from the church for family events at the cost of replacing any damaged equipment.